Remarkable and Revolutionary Advancements in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering has helped increase efficiency.

Launched in 2021, our journey has just began at a time when technological advancements lead the way!

With experienced workers and brilliant engineers, our projects will definitely be known throughout the continent for the exceptional quality of work and service.

We have regular training workshops for our workers and staff to ensure health and safety standards are well maintained. In addition, we also conduct training to make sure workers are ready to advance with the new technological advancements. It is difficult to keep up with technology if you’re not regularly trained. We believe that people with the right skills can bring about the best work.


Our mission is to deliver quality work and provide excellent customer
service and offer competitive prices; create a safe atmosphere for the
workers and maintain safety regulations at all times.


We aim to create value and make a difference in today’s competitive world with exceptional work quality, work ethics, and safety measure rules.


Our vision is to be one of the top leading Electro Mechanical
Contractors by 2025.
We also envision ourselves expanding our business globally and becoming an industry
leader for others to follow.


Al Ayaat is dedicated to the highest quality of Electromechanical work delivered with authenticity and sincerity.